There’s a few ways to help TSWA accomplish their mission!

Here’s a couple ways for you to donate:

Make a financial contribution

It’s in our plan to reach out to more students, as there are always students that can benefit from our programs. We would like not to have to turn down students due to limited budget and/or facility. The Tucson Youth Music Center is housed in an older building that is over 100 years old. It needs constant TLC to survive and has great potential to be even better once we remodel the building to accommodate additional classrooms and students. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have the resources to expand our outreach. We are only reaching about 200 students per year. When considering  these students come to classes on a weekly basis for 140 days through the school year it’s fantastic. But it’s not enough. If you would like to make a contribution towards providing free music education to kids in Tucson, please click on a donation option above to set your own donation amount, or sponsor a student. If you want to donate your time please see our volunteer page.

Donate Items to the Second Fiddle Thrift Shop or The Treasure Shop

Fill out the Item Donation Form below.

We would like for Tucsonans to know about our two shops. Why? Our two shops are our continuous fundraising effort. All the proceeds of The Second Fiddle Thrift Shop go to our music program. The Treasure Shop splits income between the Tucson Youth Music Center and the rest of the organization.  The shops currently are a well-kept secret and we want to spread the word about these shops. The Treasure Shop antique shop is wonderful for gifts, furniture, collectibles, and more.  It also one of the only non-profits in Tucson that does estate sales since we have knowledgeable experienced members in this field. The Second Fiddle Thrift Shop is unique, with a wide selection of everything including clothes, housewares, furniture, shoes, books, etc. Donations for either shop is immensely appreciated. We also allow for consignment at The Treasure Shop for higher priced items. Contact us for item donations by calling 520-622-5070 or by filling out the form below.

Item Donation Form: